Study Reveals Electricians Are Delivering Superb Customer Service

A recent survey has shown that electricians are one of the best residential trades for customer service.

The online poll of 1000 consumers has revealed that electricians are rated as great at delivering customer service with the majority of respondents saying that they would refer business on to friends and family.

The study was commissioned by and it placed electricians ahead of mortgage brokers, gardeners and interior designers for levels of satisfaction that would lead customers to make a recommendation. Indeed, over 66 per cent of those questioned said that they would recommend an electrical contractor they had used in their home to do work for someone they knew.

The survey – carried out by the polling experts Toluna – demonstrates that domestic electricians are one of the most trusted groups of tradesmen operating in the UK these days.

Of course, some businesses which run domestic services – like estate agents, pest controllers and solicitors – have a degree of perception about them among the public that indicates a certain level of distrust.

Even if such service providers are not regarded as rogue traders, as such, they can often fall down in terms of how homeowners view their ability to offer really good levels of customer service. On the other hand, heating engineers, decorators and general builders all did well in the survey and were the only trades that received higher scores than electricians.

Given that so much work is generated for tradespeople by receiving recommendations from word of mouth referrals, domestic electrical engineering firms should, no doubt, be feeling rosy about their future business prospects. After all, it can take years for a trade to build up a level of trust with the public for undertaking professional works at a reasonable rate and only a few poorly carried out projects for that good level of public perception to evaporate.

A spokesman for said that the country’s electricians are performing well and, according to the findings of the survey, are likely to carry on keeping their customers satisfied in future. “To be obtaining such favourable figures for word of mouth recommendations is excellent news for the profession,” he stated. “With only a few trades achieving better responses than residential electricians, it appears that the UK’s electrical firms are well set.”