Lighting the Way in Legislation

Understanding all the legislation surrounding the many lighting products that are on the market can be a difficult jungle to navigate.

Well there is good news for you if you are uncertain about those legislations or would like to have any questions answered.  A new course that is being held by the Lighting Industry Academy is just what you need.  The course will cover Production Testing, Compliance Control and Lighting Legislation.

A one day course

The course is held over one-day and will cover all the current relevant directions and regulations in this area of the industry. It will explain how the current twelve legislative requirements, such as EMCD, LVD, ERP and RoHS will affect those concerned with electrical production whether that is in manufacture, import or the distribution and supply of lighting products.

It is a fact that once compliance in a product has been achieved, production control will be required so that conformity can be maintained.  For those involved in these areas the question they should ask themselves is ‘Have I got this covered?’

By using the LIA Quality Assurance model, those attending the course will be able to gain an idea of what is needed to implement and maintain a quality control system.

Lab time

This course will give you the chance to break out of the classroom and get into the lab. This very thorough and interesting course will give you the chance to get hands-on.  The lab time will give you the chance to do some product testing, a key area of ensuring product conformity.  This will be accomplished with traditional Clare test equipment.  As well as that, and thanks to a new partnership that has been formed between the Seaward Group and the Academy the Seaward HAL tester will be used.  This is state-of-the-art production electrical testing equipment.

The course will also encompass all industry sectors whether in manufacturing, importing or distribution of light sources, control gear, luminaires or components.

The course will be held at the Academy, LIA, Telford, in the state-of-the-art learning facility that has been industry recognised as a centre for development and delivery of the mot exemplary learning. Those taking up a place on this very sought after course will further benefit from the attention of one of the highly qualified trainers who will support them as they learn throughout the day.

These are the available course dates for this year:

– 29th June 2017
– 25th July 2017
– 12th September 2017
– 17th October 2017
– 28th November 2017

Anyone who is already an LIA member will be able to attend the course at a discounted rate of £295 + VAT.

For non LIA members the cost will be £365 + Vat

For any further details, please visit the Academy website.