Getting down to Brass Tacks – Contractor Training

In any industry, refreshing and adding to knowledge is an integral part of progressing.  Electrical contracting is no exception and it is essential that all those involved in this sector keep their knowledge as current as possible and to keep updated on industry innovations.

With that in mind, for any electrical contractors who are keen to boost their building controls knowledge there is the chance to enrol on the Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) course, BC1 that covers the Fundamentals of HVAC and Building Technology.  This is the first of six courses that will be offered in this area, by the BCIA.

The courses are to be presented by experts in the industry with a target audience of electrical contractors, installers and managers.

BC1 will offer individuals an understanding of:

  • The requirements of buildings and building services installation
  • An understanding of HVAC systems and their main components

Speaking about the course, Malcolm Anson, who is the president of the BCIA says: “The BC1 courses have been designed to be an ideal starting point for any electrical contractor who is aiming to get a good working understanding of the area of HVAC and also building controls technology. This course offers a foundation that will be expanded and built on as the rest of the programme is rolled out”

Focusing on Energy Saving

Everyone working in the profession is aware that there are ever increasing on going challenges in the building environment.  Additionally there is always a need to conserve energy in all that we do.  That means that there has never been a better time for those involved in electrical contacting to ensure that they have invested in building controls training so that they can keep ahead of the competition and have the most up to date information on the latest technologies.

Participants, who undertake the BC1 course, will be issued a CPD certificate that will be accredited by CIBSE.  The series of courses will offer an introduction to the Technical and Advanced Technical Certificate in Building Controls.

For those who are interested in BCIA training courses they are held in he training centres in:

Sontay Academy          Edenbridge                        8th May – 9th May


BCIA          Peterborough                   31st May – 1st June
Sontay Academy          Edenbridge                    3rd July – 4th July
BCIA          Peterborough                  13th September – 14th September


The cost of the course to BCIA members is £390 + VAT and for non BCIA members £550 + VAT

There is no doubt that this course will be of interest to all those concerned with electrical contracting and should be a very useful in gaining further in depth knowledge of this sector.  For further information on all courses, their content and to book your place visit the BCIA website.