Bish Bash Bosch! – Tool Testing Time is Here Again

After a successful campaign last year (2016), Bosch Professional has let it be known that they will be running the campaign again (#builtwithBosch) throughout this year. Testing testing testing The #builtwithBosch campaign gives professional tradespeople the opportunity to sign up to be their product testers and to trial cutting edge power tools as well as […]

How to locate underground faults on cable?

With the amount of major commercial and residential construction projects that are underway each and every single day growing at an exponential rate, it has become more important today than ever to be able to effortlessly find any underground faults on a specific line of cable without having to dig up an entire jobsite and […]

My best ever marketing tip for electricians

Marketing is the aspect of running a small business that hardly anyone likes. It requires endless trials and expenses from which you might not get much back. I don`t know about you, but I find marketing an extremely frustrating task sometimes. That is why I have decided to share my best ever “tool” for marketing […]

Useful notes for Inspection and Testing

If your work involves electrical inspection and testing then these printable notes will be of great help. No matter if you do inspection and testing every day or only occasionally, filling in electrical forms such as the Electrical Installation Certificate can be difficult without knowing details such as max Zs values for MCB`s. In my […]

The Best Installation Testers : Megger MTF 1552 and Megger 1553

Have you ever wandered which Installation Tester to buy? There are so many in the market. Megger, Fluke, Robin and other, they all have loyal users who swore by them. So which one to go for? Well, over the years I have been lucky enough to use quite a few of them and I have […]