CO Poisoning – The Silent Killer

The dangers of CO poising to homeowners is well known and some tragic accidents have resulted in tighter regulation. The problem is that the gas has no odour and is tasteless so that without a proper alarm system there would be no way of knowing that there was CO gas in the atmosphere.   It is […]

The ECS Health & Safety Assessment – Change to Exemptions

It is important to note that from the first of July 2017, any IOSH Working Safely Certificate that has been taken on line in e-assessment will no longer be accepted as an exemption to the ECS Health & Safety Assessment.   We have recently become aware that it’s possible and people are taking the ‘IOSH Working […]

Top 5 Tips For Electrical Safety In Your Home

  Electricity is a major part of our everyday lives. We’re all used to living alongside it – and rely on our electrical appliances to help get us through the day. Yet the modern conveniences we have become accustomed to are not without their potential risks, and finding out how to get the best out […]

Five SignsThat You Need To Rewire Your Home

    Rewiring a house is a job with many factors to consider, such as the costs involved, the timescale of the job, as well as just how much it will affect your day to day home life. Typically it’s a job that tends to get put off, as rewiring can mean major disruption. However, […]


I am writing this post to clarify something that has being brought up by our visitors on a regular basis: ECS or CSCS, ECS card or CSCS card? Many of you have asked ask if CSCS is the same thing as the ECS test, and/or what is the difference between the two? Let me explain. […]

Top tools for ensuring safety

By Karl Whitney Regardless of whether you’re a professional electrician or an enthusiastic DIYer embarking on home improvements, safety is paramount for anyone working with electricity. One piece of tech that no electrician should be without is a multimeter, which is used to measure electrical properties, including voltage, current and resistance. Naturally, before you begin […]