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The Best Installation Testers : Megger MTF 1552 and Megger 1553

Have you ever wandered which Installation Tester to buy? There are so many in the market. Megger, Fluke, Robin and other, they all have loyal users who swore by them. So which one to go for? Well, over the years I have been lucky enough to use quite a few of them and I have […]

IPAF licence can get you jobs!

I must confess something. Over the last few years I had a Joker up my sleeve. I had and still do hold an IPAF license. It has helped me secure jobs on big construction sites and on smaller jobs such as supermarket rewires. What is IPAF? As by – “The International Powered Access Federation […]

Construction finally picks up!

We all know that the UK construction sector has been hard hit by the recent recession. Lack of work resulted in falling of wages and squeeze on living standards for all trades including electricians. Being a contractor to big construction companies, I have seen some hard times especially through the winter months 2012/13. However, things […]

How to have more than three switches on a lighting circuit?

First of all let me welcome you to the newly launched Electrical Blog on! This blog is intended to provide a platform where professionals in all areas of the electrical industry can voice their opinions on any subject related to their profession. From general news to interesting subjects, every week our bloggers will share […]